Four different version, many color options - one idea

Get to know the different versions

First of all, we want you to know that all of our wallets are very small, hold 1-15 cards and consist of premium materials like lamb nappa leather and innovative elastic. All are "Made in Europe" (no offence China), come with free worldwide shipping and a 60 day money-back-guarantee.

Now, on to the differences...


Our smallest wallet without any extra pocket. Perfect for everyone who prefers to live in a world without coins!


Our Push version offers some more room with a separate pocket. This small pocket is closed with a button and provides space for coins and other small items.


Pull has the same size, same extra pocket and same material as our Push version. The only difference is that an innovative elastic band is used to close the extra pocket!

Our Classic, Push and Pull versions all come with the same twelve color options!

Peak [Female]

The Peak collection is designed for the modern woman. It also comes with an extra pocket closed with a button, but offers a unique design and five different color options!

RFID Blocking Cards

The perfect extra for all Space Wallet versions: Our RFID Blocking Card protect all your cards from being scammed.

Now you know it all

Simply click on the version you want to know more about or browse through our shop!